Laff House Comedy Club to Re-open September 6th

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It’s been just over a year since the Laff House comedy club, a landmark in our comedy scene, had shut down due to a variety of reasons we won’t go into. Since then, the Philadelphia comedy scene had changed course in a number of ways, some better than others.

For instance, a lot of the Laff House’s regularly booked comedians became more determined to keep their booking schedules as full as possible, this lead to some of the now very popular weekly and monthly comedy shows that span through way more parts of the city such as  Josh Kosh’s Funny Money show at the Legendary Dobb’s in South street (on Tuesdays), and, of course, TuRae’s Soul Comedy show at Warmdaddy’s off Columbus Avenue (every Wednesday). These are only some of the few comedy spots that are helping the Philly comedy scene grow that were indirectly spawned by the Laff House’s closing last July.

I recently received an email from Rod Millwood, the owner of the Laff House, informing me that the Laff House comedy club will be having it’s grand opening comedy show on September 6, at Harrah’s Casino in Chester, PA at 8 PM.

At first, I thought the email I received was sent as a joke by a begrudging reader who fell for one of our prank-articles, but was convinced once I visited the Laff House’s new and improved website, presumably maintained by Harrah’s casino.

The grand opening show will consist of headliners that the Laff House was most known for booking such as A.G. White, Mike Troy, and Reginald “Brother Man” Ballard. According to Millwood, the club also plans on rebooting the Laff House’s annual Philadlephia comedy festival shortly after.

Time will tell how this new location will work in terms of helping Philly Comedy grow, but at the very least, the prospect of being able to see some of my favorite comedians on a Laff House stage again is extremely exciting to hear.

We will be posting more information on the Laff House’s re-opening as it comes.


Tina Fey to Attend the Upper Darby Performing Art Center’s Summer Stage Benefit with Q&A, Special Screening of “Mean Girls”

Tina Fey (2)

For those of you who aren’t as crazy about useless Philly entertainment facts as I am, Tina Fey was an Upper Darby girl before she moved on to becoming SNL’s first female head writer, 30 Rock’s creator and star, and an award-winning actress and screenwriter. In fact, she wrote extensively about her earlier days in Philly in her best-selling book, Bossy Pants.

Fortunately fans of Tina’s amazing writing will be able to buy tickets to an event at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center that she will be attending. The event is to raise money for the center’s new sound system, so being an UDPAC alumni herself, Tina will be screening her movie that she wrote and co-starred in, Mean Girls, for it’s tenth anniversary, as well as conduct a Q&A after the showing. The event will take place on Saturday, August 16th at 7:30 PM

I remember meeting Tina when she attended Conan O’Brien’s “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television” tour and asked her about her early days in Philadelphia. I’ll Never forget her response:

“Get the fuck out of my dressing room, you maniac!”

To be able to to attend and speak with Tina Fey is an amazing opportunity for a TV writing and Tina Fey fan like myself, and telling by how fast the tickets are going, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who thinks so too.

You can purchase tickets to Tina Fey’s UDPAC event here. I’d like to say that we’ll be able to give out free tickets to this event as we always try to do, but that won’t be the case this time.

Here’s a video of Tina’s last public appearance in Upper Darby during the Conan O’Brien “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour:



Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Festival Returns August 16th


Last years Oddball Comedy Festival tour was a huge hit when they went to some of the country’s biggest cities with a huge lineup of great comedians and the in-demand headliners Flight of the Concords and Dave Chappelle. When they came to the Susquehanna Bank Center, a near-sold-out audience came and spent an awesome day watching some of the best comedians in the country, as well as some of Philly’s funniest.

This year, Funny or Die upped the ante by booking an ungodly amount of huge acts to headline different parts of the nation-wide tour, and Philly lucked out again this year by getting Louis CK and Sarah Silverman as headliners, as well as Dave Attel, Amy Shumer, and Hannibal Burress as opening acts.

Last year, many were dissapointed when they found out that Hannibal Burress wasn’t on the Camden stop of the Oddball tour, so it’ll only be that much better to see him this year on the same stage as comedy giants Dave Attel, Sarah Silverman, and Louis CK. Amy Shumer is also not a stranger to Philly’s admiration, being that her hit show Inside Amy Shumer has launched a successful stand-up tour, which stopped into Philly last March.

Tickets are already on sale for the Camden show at this link. Being that Louis CK tickets always sell-out fast, I suggest that you buy yours as soon as possible.

Monroe Martin Amongst the Final Ten Contestants in NBC’s Last Comic Standing!


For those of you who haven’t been watching this season of Last Comic Standing on NBC, Philly native and our good friend Monroe Martin has been moving up the ranks on the hit competition-styled show and will be performing in the top-ten finalist bracket. If Monroe wins the grand prize of $250,000 and an NBC development deal, it would be a giant win for not just for him, but Philly Comedy.

Monroe’s dedication to comedy since our days at the Laff House can only be matched by a select few in the comedy world, and I’m personally ecstatic for him as a friend and a prominent figure in Philly Comedy to see him achieve the status that he’s worked so hard for.

Regardless of the show’s results, keep up with Monroe by following him on Twitter @MonroeMartinIII or by visiting his website

You can also read one of our first “Featured Comedian” articles that we ever wrote right around the beginning of this website for Monroe here.

Keith Robinson to Film New Comedy Special in New York


It’s no secret that we;re huge fans of comedian and Philly native Keith Robinson. More than enough comedians will testify to his comedic talent and ability to inspire others in being funny.

If Keith hasn’t been featured enough on this site, then I don’t know any other site that does. When the term “Philly Comedy” comes up, his name is embedded into it along with the others such as TuRae and Kevin Hart.

That’s why I’m excited to let you guys know that Keith will be filming a new comedy special, appropriately titled Back Of The Bus Funny for an unspecified network in New York, at the Gramercy Theatre (located at 127 East 23rd street, New York, NY).

What’s great about this special is not only will Keith be performing a new hour of material, but Kevin Hart is producing the event, which couldn’t exactly hurt with promoting the show and selling it to a prospective network. What’s great about Kevin Hart being the huge success that he is it that he’s not letting his massive commercial success in Hollywood take him away from the very thing that got him where he is today. I think that other comedians who reach that level of success should do the same as Kevin Hart and Louis CK in promoting the comedy of other great comedians that they know would make their fans laugh just as much as they do with themselves. We all have a list of celebrities that we wish would love to see go back to their original form of comedy in stand up, like Eddie Murphy, Jim Carry, and more. What Kevin Hart is doing is making sure that he doesn’t abandon his comedy roots by making sure that he’s still putting out great comedy, even if it’s someone else’s that he produced.

You can buy tickets to Back Of The Bus Funny at this link. 

Check out this video of Keith with Kevin Hart and the late Patrice O’Neil:

New Sketch: Philadelphia Parking Authority Employee Orientation


It’s already been a couple of days since I’ve posted our new Sketch, but I thought I’d wait on putting on the site until it gained some momentum on the web, which I’m glad to say that it has.

I write and narrated this short with a program made especially for the iPad called Adobe Voice. Although I was really happy with the quality of the finished product, I gotta say that it’s been frustrating not being able to put this on YouTube, but fortunately for me, I’ve been able to post this video all over the internet, and thankfully others have been sharing it too.

Anyway, until Adobe improves their sharing features for their videos, I have no choice but to just post the link to the new Sketch here.

The “Philadelphia Parking Authority Employee Orientation Video” is something I sadly think would not be surprising if it was released as an actual video produced by the PPA. They’ve certainly haven’t done otherwise in convincing the people of Philadelphia that they are an organization made of genuine, God-fearing people. So I made this short to take a jab at the privately owned company that’s been profiting from our misery for way too long.

Click here to check out our PPA Orientation Sketch


Comedy Central’s Broad City Coming to Philadelphia, November 11th



This tour was originally postponed due to the show’s second season pick-up, but there are thankfully tickets still available for Broad City’s nation-wide tour that will be hitting Philly on it’s second stop.

It takes a lot for me to keep up with an original Comedy Central series, being that their target audience has changed since it’s glory days of the late 90’s/early 2000’s where stand-up was it’s primary export, but Broad City has managed to genuinely keep me tuned in and entertained, which is refreshing for a TV snob such as myself.

I’ll cut to the chase and post the link where you can get tickets for the rescheduled event at the Trocadero Theater for a reasonable $25. 

I always try to make sure our site gets dibs on free tickets for our readers, so in the spirit of summer comedy tours that come to Philadelphia, I’ll be giving away a free ticket to one lucky tweeter who mentions us with the funniest tweet asking for the ticket. Make sure to mention us @PhillyComedy with the #PhillyComedy tag.